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“Opportunities are everywhere, sometimes people see them as problem” – Ayesha Giselle

Ayesha's Story

Ayesha Giselle

Ayesha grew up in Hackney, east London, with her mum and five brothers. As a bubbly, outgoing little girl, and the only daughter of a chronically ill mum, Ayesha learned early on to be ambitious and self-sufficient.

At school, Ayesha's passion for dance and performing arts opened doors for her to travel around the UK and abroad, meeting new people and exploring different cultures.

From a young age, her love of travel – particularly to her mum's home country of St Lucia – opened up Ayesha's eyes to see the world differently. The community spirit and peaceful way of life on St Lucia had a big impact on Ayesha, teaching her to appreciate what she had and learn from the wisdom of those around her.

Ayesha has always been a hard grafter, starting work at a hairdressing salon when she was just 14, and working a string of Saturday jobs throughout her time at school.



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