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Would you like to know the secret to glowing self-confidence?

Would you like irresistible charisma and a magnetic personality?

With this new guide that I wrote especially for you, it is achievable! 

In this quick and easy to read guide I will show you the secret to glowing self-confidence. You’ll find out what is stealing your confidence and learn simple practices that you can start doing right away to improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Your self-confidence determines your self-worth, affects every part of your life and also how you deal with life.

Your self-confidence determines how you see yourself, how you think about yourself and how you feel about yourself.

And a lack of self-confidence will negatively affect your life, costing you your happiness and success, making you feel less than.

The road to getting glowing self-confidence is not an easy one, we know. However, if you follow the exercises in this guide you will soon become a person you love, like and enjoy being.

The exercises and lessons in this guide have been tried and tested by myself and my clients. Building confidence has allowed many of my clients over the years to achieve tremendous success in their business, relationship and life in general. The same can be said for you…


You too can develop glowing self-confidence EVEN IF you have had confidence issues the majority of your life!


In this easy to read guide you will learn:

  • Specific attributes all confident people have
  • What is stealing your confidence
  • Exercises you can do that easily fit into your everyday life
  • The one question that will get you acting as your best self immediately
  • And more…

Benefits of having glowing self-confidence
and healthy self-esteem:

  • Increased performance
  • Increased happiness
  • Better relationships
  • star
    The ability to influence others
  • star
    Feeling good about yourself
  • star
    Social ease
  • star
    Become a people magnet
  • star
    Become more successful
  • star
    Feeling more attractive
  • star
    Clearer decision making


continue life hiding in the shadows

or would you like to become the person your desire to be?


Don’t miss this chance to develop your confidence and self-esteem in less time than it took to learn how to ride a bike.

 About the author: 

Ayesha is a Success & Accountability Coach whose mission is to help as many people develop their personal power to create the life that they desire.

Ayesha is passionate about helping you to increase your confidence in your abilities and courage to become the person you need to be to get the results you want by showing you how to reprogram your mind, create new positive habits and behaviours that lead you away from sabotage towards success.

Ayesha teaches you how to reprogram your thoughts, challenge your negative unconscious affirmations, and retrain your behaviours helping you to create positive habits which will help build/develop your character.

For over five years Ayesha has helped a diverse group of people including coaches, apprentice, personal trainers, journalist, writers, events planner, and women who about to retire to gain the confidence their need to show up as their authentic selves to live a fulfilling life. 

Ayesha is a firm believer that each one of us holds the power to live the life we desire and become the person we want to be.

Outside of her coaching business, Ayesha enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones, reading, and participating in various dance classes including Poledancing, Kizomba & Soca. Living in the trendy east end of London Ayesha enjoys the cultural influences in her city.

 Sarah Graham 



Ayesha really challenged me to push past my fears and stop making excuses. Since working with Ayesha I am more confident. I've pitched to editors and had commissions from publications I never dared approach before, and feel so much more confident in my own ability going forward. Ayesha is really passionate about dragging people out of their comfort zones and helping them live their best possible lives. Would definitely recommend! 

 Jerelle Andrew 

 Personal Trainer & CEO of Jreal Fitness 


My time management, balance with work and lifestyle has all improve since working with Ayesha. Also often when I had ideas but wasn't sure as I would focus on the negative "what could go wrong" opposed to the positive and would let myself-doubt get in my way, Ayesha would help install confidence in sessions to help me realise to focus on the positives, which is another invaluable lesson.

By signing up, you are agreeing to receive emails from us, including tips and advice, plus exclusive special offers.