How many of us have wished for our lives to be different, for our lives to be mapped out another way that brings us true happiness and success?

Throughout my years working as a Success and Accountability Coach I have met so many amazing people that have wished for their life to be different but despite all their wishful thinking and their optimistic outlook on life things always remained the same for them. As days went on feelings of frustration would begin to sink in and clouds of self-doubt would follow them everywhere they went especially whilst in the presence of successful people, as I observed them more, I realized that they all had one thing in common that separated them from people who were successful. What was that one thing some of you may be thinking, well believe it or not the one thing that they did not have that the successful people around them had was not wealth but indeed goals!

One day a bright young man asked me why his life was not improving despite his positive thinking, I lovingly told him the truth; that he had no real concrete goals that he wanted to achieve which led him to feel overwhelmed by the direction that his life was heading. It was at that very moment that a sense of purpose began to come over him like never before and he soon embarked on an exciting new chapter in his life conscious goal setting.

The practice of setting goals is a powerful tool, not only is a tool that will impact your life greatly improving the quality of it. The practice of setting goals is a declaration of self-love that sends a clear message to the universe; it says I am reading to honour my higher self by being in alignment with my true nature as a divine creator. It is in
our nature as human beings to set goals for ourselves in life, it is how we as a human race plant seeds of success and blossom into beautiful people that respect ourselves so much we hold ourselves wholeheartedly accountable for the direction our lives goes.

There is so much value in achieving the goals we set for ourselves, especially when the intention behind the goal comes from a place of true self-love and not ego. Every time we achieve a goal we set for ourselves it reaffirms that we are worthy of that which we desire, it causes our body to enter into a blissful state of mind by releasing endorphins in our bodies that make us feel great about ourselves consequently improving our physical health. Emotionally it helps to ground us, increasing the confidence we have in the successful people we are becoming allowing us to attract more opportunities in our life for growth and success.

One of the most wonderful things about setting goals that people often make the mistake of forgetting is that it can be as small or as big as we want, not to mention we can set goals for any area of our life allowing ourselves to work towards a better life from where we are right now.E

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