Ayesha’s Story

Ayesha grew up in Hackney, east London, with her mum and five brothers. As a bubbly, outgoing little girl, and the only daughter of a chronically ill mum, Ayesha learned early on to be ambitious and self-sufficient.


At school, Ayesha’s passion for dance and performing arts opened doors for her to travel around the UK and abroad, meeting new people and exploring different cultures.


From a young age, her love of travel – particularly to her mum’s home country of St Lucia – opened up Ayesha’s eyes to see the world differently. The community spirit and peaceful way of life on St Lucia had a big impact on Ayesha, teaching her to appreciate what she had and learn from the wisdom of those around her.


Ayesha has always been a hard grafter, starting work at a hairdressing salon when she was just 14, and working a string of Saturday jobs throughout her time at school.


As a fiercely independent and ambitious teenager, Ayesha struggled to see eye-to-eye with her mum, and at 16 moved out of the family home to strike out on her own – learning to look after her own place, with a flatmate, and manage her finances, all while putting herself through a performing arts course at college.


It was a challenging time, with Ayesha working two part-time jobs to fund her education and independent lifestyle, but her grit and determination saw her through.


She went on to study for a degree in arts events management at university, but eventually realised it wasn’t the right direction for her. Faced with a choice between sticking it out or packing it all in Ayesha, as always, followed her heart and dropped out during her third year.


Ayesha’s lightbulb moment came after reading some of her mum’s self-help books, and recognising herself in the life coaches whose words she was reading. As a career, it felt like the perfect fit for her resilience, her independence, and her determination to work hard and achieve her goals – but, at just 20-years-old, she worried she didn’t have enough life experience behind her.


Determined to live life on her own terms, rather than do what was expected to prove a point, Ayesha realised she needed to focus her energy on things that make her happy, and invested in her dream life coaching course.


It was an intense year, with Ayesha dedicating all her spare time studying online, alongside working a full-time job. Fortunately she was no stranger to making sacrifices by this point!


After completing her course, and being mentored by some of the best coaches in the business, Ayesha launched her coaching business at the age of 24 – just before the millennial entrepreneur boom.


Working for herself felt like the ideal fit for Ayesha, who loved the flexibility and freedom of being in control – but a lack of entrepreneurial role models meant a long, tough, and often lonely period of trial and error while she figured out how to make it work.


In 2015, Ayesha took the plunge and quit full-time work completely to focus on her business. After realising that her experiences made her ideally placed to help support younger people starting out down a similar track, Ayesha began to focus on working with millennial clients.


For her, the key to great coaching is all about instilling confidence and positive mind-sets – whether she’s working with someone who feels completely directionless, or with someone who knows exactly what they want but lacks the conviction to go and get it.


Having created her own dream life of freedom and independence, Ayesha is passionate about helping her clients to break free from fear and self-doubt, achieve their goals, and live life on their terms, with joy and abundance.


She firmly believes that the only person standing in your way is YOU!

The Ultimate Vision Program

Success Stories

“Ayesha’s method enabled me to remain on the path and keep the focus and easily pull it back if it slipped. What I have achieved in three months has presented me with so many opportunities; all I can do in my life is continue to move forward. I no longer see negative as a choice for me, in any situation. I feel a greater sense of peace within myself and based on my current choices my life has only one path of moving forward and upwards.”

By Client in Stoke Newington, London 2015

“Having tasks set for me, which were suited to my needs, was extremely helpful and gave me that extra drive. Having to review my progress on a regular basis showed me how effective and important it is to do this every once in a while, it gave me clarity and was a confidence booster to be able to see that I was always moving forward. I feel that the sessions have helped me learn more who I am as a person and as an artist. Ayesha is very encouraging in a way that I’ve never experienced before and some of my biggest achievements occurred during the time I was being coached by her”

Bow Promise- Singer 2014

‘Having life coaching sessions with Ayesha was one of the best decisions I made in 2012, her down to earth personality and immense passion to help others succeed in all areas of their life has been of tremendous benefit to me. Our sessions together we’re not always easy however, I always knew that she was on my side giving that extra little push when I needed it to allow to break through the barriers of & self-doubt. I am now equipped with some valuable tools that I will use for the rest of my life, I highly recommend that if anyone needs help in getting a sense of direction in their life that they go to Ayesha as she will pull the best out of you!

Khalid- Stylist 2012