There’s always something missing, isn’t there? Not enough time, not enough money, not enough experience or opportunity to build the life you’re dreaming of. It’s easy to feel helpless and stuck in a rut – whether you’re battling with financial issues, struggling to lift your business off the ground and pin down new clients, or even still trying to get your life together and find a direction.


We often feel like we need more than we have, to improve our situation – when really and truly we already have everything in our lives that we need. We tend to focus so much on the lack, rather than what we have, and this makes us blind to the opportunities right in front of us.


It’s exactly this way of thinking that keeps us stuck in those ruts, always believing that we’re somehow lacking. If we can only take time to reflect on what resources we have in front of us now, to help us move forward, we would realise that we’re already rich with wealth and opportunities.


No matter how bleak things might look, I believe that we all have everything we need in our lives for where we are right now. Say you want to get fit but can’t afford the gym membership – get your trainers on and go for a run in the park, or walk up and down the stairs-the things you actually need you already have. stop focusing on the unnecessary things you don’t have which are just luxury to help you to get you to the next step. If you really needed them to move forward, believe me you would already have them.


In each situation there is a lesson to be learnt, which will help you grow and move forward towards your destiny. You may not understand why you’re in your current position, but this is exactly where you’re meant to be. However hard and unfair life seems, realise that you’re here for a reason, for a better purpose, and that you need to go through this exact situation so you can improve.


Perhaps you’re in financial difficulty now so that you can learn self-discipline and money management skills, enabling you to manage the money you’ll gain from your future success. Destiny doesn’t come easy – the struggles that feel like they’re holding you back today will become the lessons that are necessary for your growth.


As frustrating as it is, before you can gain what you really want, it’s so important that you learn to appreciate what you have in your life already. If you can’t accept and learn from your present circumstances, you’ll never grow into the person you truly want to become. Think carefully about the situation you’re in at the moment – what lesson or blessing could it bring you?


Maybe you’re struggling to grow your business because there’s something you still need to learn. Who and what do you have in your life right now that can help hone those skills, so you can grow and sustain your business for years to come? It might be that book on marketing skills that’s been gathering dust in the corner, or that family friend who started his own successful business 20 years ago.


Perhaps you’re feeling lonely because you’ve been taking your loved ones for granted – always seeking out exciting new relationships and neglecting the ones you already have. The solution could be as simple as picking up the phone and rebuilding a special bond.


Everything you need for where you are going in life is right here in front of you, if you just open your eyes and learn to appreciate it. Your mum probably told you it as a child, but it’s true – there’s a big difference between “want” and “need”, and you have to learn to walk before you can run. In other words, get focused on what you need to do now, so that eventually you can gain everything you want.


Whatever your situation, think about all the resources, people and opportunities around you that can help on your journey to success. Dig deep – who and what do you already have in your life that can help you to grow? All these resources are gifts for you to use. Make the most of them before deciding that you need more.